Where the Water Runs Deepest
1. Boston
2. If it Takes All Night
3. Get to Me
4. Everybody
5. Break Me Open
6. Loneliness is
Speaking to Me
7. Forgiven
8. Take Me Home
9. Victim
10. I Wanna Save the World
11. Mama Let Yo' Hair Down!

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  Where the Water Runs Deepest



1. Welcome To My Day
2. Red
3. Drivin'
4. I Just Wanna Drive
5. These Are The
Craziest Of Times
6. Leave Me Alone Today
7. Outside My Window
8. Missy
9. She Moved Away
10. I'm Into You
11. Do Over
12. Freedom In The Word
13. Lay It On The Cross

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Eric Scott - Red



Let's Hear it
for the Fools
1. Chasin' The Sun
2. Questions Unanswered
3. Fools

4. This Could Be
5. Starting Today
6. What It Sounds Like When
I'm Thinking Of You
7. Forever
8. Have You Seen Marie?
9. I've Only Begun To Love You
10. I Need You
11. Deliver Me
12. Fools (Reprise)
13. I Can't Help The Way I Feel
14. Whatever You Want (The Kazoo Song)

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Eric Scott - Let's hear it for the fools



Divine Static
1. Before The Dawn
2. More Than a Little
3. Questions Unanswered
4. Walkin' Right Next to You
5. The Party
6. The Life of the Party
7. Shield My Eyes
8. It's All About the Money
9. It's All I Can Take
10. Everything For You
11. If I Fell In Love
12. Power of a Woman
13. I Will Meet You Halfway
14. Give Me Air

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Eric Scott - Divine Static

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